Friday, May 1, 2015

Humble Hare Handwork Club...From Me to Thee

Hello friends, hope you're enjoying a great Friday!

Well, today's the day I'll be sharing the finished
model for Humble Hare Handwork Clubs  
first kit....are you ready?

(Click onto photo to enlarge)

Large Strawberry Pinkeep...I'm still debating on the title name!

I have a list of names, but my problem is I like them
all...making it so hard to choose!

The back seam is embellished with a "Feather Stitch".

The stem is Weeks Dye Works wool in the color Kudzu,
and attached with a simple running stitch.

The ribbon is overdyed in a dark chocolate brown, 
and looped through a lovely amber shell ring.

Kits will include ~

~ needle
~ pattern 
~ instructions
~ amber shell ring
~ overdyed ribbon
~ template patterns
~ full skeins of floss
~ 30ct R & R overdyed linen
~ square of WDW wool ~ Kudzu

Kits will be ready to ship on OR before May 15th.

 *** Tutorial to follow in mid June ***
This strawberry was so much fun to make!

The finished size is 4.5" long by 3.5" in completely
fills the palm of my hand!

If you would like to be a Humble Hare ~
full year memberships are available through my Etsy Shop

 Here is the direct link to this listing


Take advantage of the quarterly installment plan ~

The installment plan would be four quarterly payments of
$32.40 each, approximately every three months.
You choose which payment method you prefer.

~ invoiced through PayPal ~ OR
~ credit card over the phone by calling me at
(608) 799-4418 (work anytime)

If you choose the PayPal invoice method, I will need you to 
provide an email address for sending the invoice, plus
a shipping address to receive the kits.

Hope you like the "Strawberry Pinkeep"!


Look at what if found in my purse...

I bought these last week while in SunPrairie at a shop
called Prairie Junction.

Miniature sterling silver scissor charms...they need to be polished.

I had completely forgot about them...what a nice surprise!


My husband has been busy baking again....

Blueberry what a terrific smell!

And a nice match with my old pottery canisters from
 "Salmon Falls Stoneware" Dover, NH...1992.


With the wonderful warm weather I've been enjoying
a nice daily walk again...yay!

I love observing birds nests and all
the hard work that goes into 
building them!

This nest is nicely decorated with a long piece of 
white ribbon.


I wish these flowers were in my yard...aren't they great!

I love Daffodil's...the flower for the month of March.

So pretty!

Intense shade of Fushia!


Here's a couple of pictures from my son Sam....

Row of boat houses along the banks of the 
Great Mississippi River...La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Folks are already enjoying their boat and even a little


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

But the path of the just is as the
shining light, that shineth more and 
more unto the perfect day.

~ Proverbs 4:18...KJV ~


It's hard to believe another weekend is already
upon us!

Have fun enjoying this great spring weather!

Humble Blessings,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. It is just beautiful. I cant wait to do it.

  2. Gorgeous work. Gorgeous pictures. Gorgeous pie. ;)

  3. I've placed my order but can i just say that one of the things that I so like about your fabric choices for both this and the Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club is that you have chosen fabric counts that are "workable". I find it so hard to stitch on anything above 32 count so I was waiting to see what your first design entailed before I placed my order. I look forward to being part of this club too.