Tuesday, May 26, 2015

~ Roaming the Countryside ~

Hello friends, I'm happy to finally be back at work in
 my Studio after a very long relaxing weekend!

I had wanted to post as usual on Monday, but things 
didn't go as planned...sorry for the wait!


~ Studio News ~

I've been busy working on the next Little Sparrow Pinkeep 
Club release...hope to show a finish in the next couple
of weeks.

  The scheduled ship date is June 21st, the first day of Summer.


Friends of  "The Sheepish Needle" have some updates....

Thank ewe for the wonderful response to the announcement 
made on Friday for "The Sheepish Needle" Samplar Club...
coming in July!

Are you a needle worker who seeks out sheep samplars?
(then you are a lady after my own heart)

The Sheepish Needle ~ Samplar Club is excited to present
four, small, exclusive samplar kits per year that will
be dedicated to these peaceful wooly four legged

Each samplar kit will be designed with the mission to be 
both practical and unique for the passionate 
sheepish stitcher at heart ~~

~ Sheepish Trivia ~

Sheep are the most~mentioned animal in the Bible...more
than 500 times!

Secondly, sheep are used throughout the Bible to 
symbolically refer to God's people.


Early sign up will begin next week....I'll keep you posted with 
more details :)


My family and I went roaming the beautiful Wisconsin 
countryside the weekend.  

I was so happy to have my personal landscape photographer
in tow...my son Samuel!

There is something so majestic about the 
Bald Eagle...so proud!

Patiently watching and waiting for dinner!


Do you get to see dairy cows grazing in your neighborhood?

A lazy Sunday afternoon nap!

This beautiful spring weather has produced such wonderful
green pastures!



Next up, are you ready to see some outstanding olde 

Looks like a good wind storm could blow this one down!

It's nice to see a well kept barn that's still in good working

Wow, looks like this one was just freshly painted!

I love this one...totally weathered and prim looking!

Great looking and patriotic!

These olde tobacco barns are starting to get as
scarce as "hens teeth"!

It started raining, but I love the misty look of these two 
horses grazing.

Hope you enjoyed the highlights of our 
Wisconsin countryside drive.

But wait, first I must show you a special treasure I 
found on our travels....

Antique Corticelli Spool Silk ~ lap work table!
Original labeling on both sides...this is the best side.

This side has more wear, but my husband, who is excellent 
  with paints and antiquing techniques has kindly 
offered to restore the scratches...yay!

I found this at one of my favorite antique shops that is 
unfortunately going out of business.
What a find...I've never seen anything like this before!

Plus, the price was right at 50% off of the original
price of $75.00, how could I not bring it home for only $37.50!


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: 
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:  
he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
 for his name's sake.

~ Psalms 23:1~3...KJV ~


I look forward to visiting again on Friday!

Kindly, Tammy
Scattered Seed Samplers


  1. I enjoyed riding along with you in our beautiful state. :)

  2. Tammy: I have to join the Sheepish- Needle Sampler Club, I am excited.
    I love the barn pictures so beautiful.
    The Eagle is an amazing Bird. so interesting to watch.
    I grew up in the city of Minneapolis, I married a man who grew up on a farm, he said when the cows are laying down expect rain, it has never failed.


  3. I forgot to say I love the lap tray and a kitty on oh so sweet.