Monday, May 4, 2015

~ Queen Esther in Williamsburg ~

Hello friends!

This weekend was very bittersweet for me!

I was so bummed out both Thursday and Friday
because I was unable to attend the
Primitive Stitchers Society First Annual Retreat in
Williamsburg, Virginia.

 I faithfully watched all the photos and videos
being posted on the event, and then on Sunday morning,
I had a very special unexpected surprise....

I was totally blown away and speechless to see my
Queen Esther's Pure Heart design finished in such a lovely fashion!

I'm so honored that the one and only
Faye Riggsbee aka "The Carolina Stitcher"
stitched and finished this sweet bag for the retreat
gift exchange!

Faye is one amazing talented needlewoman!

And who was the recipient? 

This is the pretty lady who received Faye's beautiful 

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous smile!

I'm over the moon excited after watching all the pictures
being I can now put faces with names!

 Best of all I'm planning on going to next years retreat.....I'm so
 excited to hopefully meet both Faye and Cindy!

Here is the retreat schedule for the next three years ~

~ 2016 Atlanta, Georgia
~ 2017 Columbus, Ohio
~ 2018 Kansas City, Missouri 

I'm planning on attending all these....WOO HOO!

If you're not already a member of this amazing facebook
group, please check it is the direct link ~

If you would like to stitch Queen Esther for yourself this
pattern is available in my Etsy Shop ~ 


Look at what finally got hung on the wall....

This was the antique "Mission" thread keeper that I 
bought over a month ago!

My husband saw it laying out in my Studio and
kindly volunteered to hang it for me....YAY!

I love that it now hangs in the farmhouse in my 
little stitching alcove.


~ Humble Hare Handwork Club News ~

In case you missed the photos from last week, this is
the first club kit....

~ Large Strawberry Pinkeep ~ 
(Left Side)

~ Front Center ~

~ Right Side ~

 ~ Wool Stem ~

~ Back seam embellished with a "Feather Stitch" ~

This week I need to finalize the pattern so I can get it to 
the print shop....ASAP!

My favorite part is assembling the kits....all the goodies
are just about here!

~ beautiful amber shell rings ~

~ dark chocolate silk ribbon ~

~ I LOVE cutting linen ~

~ Kudzu wool from Weeks Dye Works ~

~ Still waiting for some more thread ~

With just about everything I need, now the fun begins...I can hardly
wait to get started!

For full club details, please visit my post dated
Friday, May 1st.


That husband of mine loves to bake something special 
on Sunday's....

I had to laugh yesterday...the farmhouse smelled like
Thanksgiving Day!

One of my favorites, Pumpkin pie...yummy!


My son Samuel sure has a nack for capturing the skies
at just the right time....

Wouldn't you agree?

Thank you as always Sam for your GREAT mom!


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, 
let every man be swift to hear, 
slow to speak, slow to wrath.

For the wrath of man worketh not
the righteousness of God.

~ James 1:19-20...KJV ~


I wish all my friends a good and Godly week, 
for of what lasting value is a good week, 
if it is not also a Godly week?

Please stop back on Friday for another visit.

Kindly, Tammy


  1. What an uplifting, happy post for me to read this morning.

  2. Ooooh, I can hardly wait to receive my strawberry pinkeep kit. It is really, really wonderful. Now I need to find a beautiful set of hands to hold it. Or maybe I'll stuff one of the soft old brown kid leather gloves I've been wondering how to use. What do you think?

    Diane in North Carolina

  3. Your designs are devine Tammy! I'm taking another look at this gorgeous strawberry too❤️