Friday, May 16, 2014

~ Antique Lusterware Pincushion ~

Hello friends, I can hardly believe
it's Friday already....time 
flies when you're having fun!

I've got lots of different things to share 
with you today, so I'll start by 
giving you a preview of a 
antique lusterware pincushion.

~ Musical pet pincushion ~

This sweet little pincushion is very nicely detailed with bright colors.  The glaze is
 brilliant, producing a display of lustrous, rainbow like colors. 

Lusterware was made in Japan during the 1920's ~ 1930's.  True
lusterware will always be stamped on the bottom, as this one is.

This little pet  still has it's original velvet pincushion. 

I'll be adding this to my Etsy Shoppe later today.

Last week I had featured these three retired 
tape measures....

If you are interested there is still time left....these three Ebay auctions 
will be ending tonight around 9:00 my time.  So if you're interested
in adding one of these to YOUR sewing bag...go to my Ebay
shoppe & check out these three auctions before it's too late!

I've have a couple inquiries about the sampler that I used
yesterday in the photo featuring the "Saltbox Hill" 
needle here is the complete photo
of that sampler.

~ by Chessie & Me ~

What a coincidence....this just happens to be another WISCONSIN
designer....Linda Lautenschlager! 

I just love the three little black crows on the roof!

Today's featured book...

"Country Living Collectibles ~ Rabbits"
Hardcover ~ 47 pages

This is the back cover. 

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only "Rabbit" lover out this is a fun little book for my fellow
rabbit collectors to check out.... it's full of great color
 pictures to drool over.

Does anyone else have a stash of small scraps of 
linen that they don't know what to do with...
but just can't get rid of either?

~ here's some of my odds & ends.... ~
Last night while stitching I came up with an idea for my scraps...I'll be 
working on some models right after I finish my
first two sampler releases at the end of the month.

So, hopefully sometime in June I will reveal my new idea!

I'll be finishing up on the stitching of "Spring Meadow" 
probably today or tomorrow....I've already been
going through my frame stash hoping to find

Time for me to go now...enjoy this pretty old photo.

I love SPOTTED RABBITS...they remind my of the "Jacob" sheep
mentioned in the Bible, which were spotted sheep.

When we first moved to our farm about 15 years ago ~ I actually had a 
beautiful flock of Jacob sheep.  

I had two big rams; Gideon & Boaz
My girls were; Queen Esther, Hannah & Abigail

It was a very hard decision to part with them, but after opening Salem
Stitchery it just got to be too much work...I'm, hoping to get a new

Blessing to all,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. I collect lots of bunnies, in particular I love the paper mache candy containers. It will be interesting to see what you do with your scraps of linen. Your mention of Jacob sheep reminded me of the first time I went looking for a flock. II had my heart set on Shropshire Sheep and all the farmer had were Jacobs. I just couldn't believe some of them had multiple horns and thought them very weird, too weird to bring home. That was then.. nowadays, I would love to have a few Jacobs.

  2. Tammy ~ our first ram was a Jacob named Boaz ~ his 'wife' ewe is the one we still have with us today and her name is Esther (but we call her 'Mommy') she is a Finn ewe ~ together, Boaz and Esther reared 3 sets of triplets and 2 sets of twins!!! It's so coincidental that our sheep are/were named the same my friend ~ 'great minds' and all…….LOL!
    much xoxox