Tuesday, May 13, 2014

~ Update on Spring Meadow ~

Wow, its hard to believe that three
weeks have already past since I started 
blogging...last year at this time
I didn't even know what a 
blog was!

I think the reason I was procrastinating so much was because
of my fear of the unknown.  Last month while talking to
my two dear friends Olga & Ona, I shared with 
them that I would not let the month of April
 end without starting my blog....I'm so
happy that I faced my fears!

I'm hoping to finish stitching "Spring Meadow" this weekend :)

~ Sneak Peek of "Bunny Butt" ~

Without revealing too much, I decided to share the colors I chose for
this spotted rabbit.  I didn't want to show the face because it
would spoil the surprise of the finished sampler!

My new goal is ~ to not let the month of May end without publishing my
first two releases:  "Prince of Peace" and "Spring Meadow"


Last month my Studio clock stopped running, but I've replaced it with this
wonderful clock that I won on an Ebay auction for only $1.99.  The listing
said that the hour hand was slow ~ which probably scarred people off.

I took a chance knowing my husband could fix it for me.  The clock 
came with an old battery in it, and since I replaced it with a new
one.... this clock keeps PERFECT TIME!!

~ What a perfect new Studio clock ~

I just love this saying....it's so true!

~ Rabbit Friends ~

Yesterday I overlooked this photo when posting the Studio tour,
so I thought I would share it with you today.

~ A special thank you to EVERYONE for your KIND words of encouragement ~
during my first three weeks of blogging.

I would like to especially thank my sweet friend Lori from
Notforgotten Farm for all her wonderful help, advice
and support....you are truly an amazing lady!!

Thank you for stopping by & visiting with me today.

~ Kindly, Tammy ~

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