Monday, May 26, 2014

~ Spring Blooms ~

Hello stitching friends...hope
you enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.

I sure did ~ got lots of great photos to share,
watched my movie Pollyana yesterday, 
while starting to stitch on a new 

Here's a little sneak peek of a new sampler I designed 
on Saturday....I needed something to stitch on over
the long holiday weekend, while waiting go to
the photo & print shop this week to get
my new patterns released....SOON :)


Remember my Robins' nest above the Studio door, 
well the little ones have really grown & are seriously
considering flying lessons with mom...

On Sunday they just kept craning their little necks out of the nest
and looking down, but not quite sure what to do...

....but today the biggest one got brave & decided to take 
flying lessons from mama robin.  

I actually got to see the whole thing....but didn't have my 
camera with me at the time, by the time I did get 
my camera the baby was already back up by the nest.


Then there's that sweet Robin's nest on my back porch...on Friday
I showed you that she had TWO beautiful eggs.

Then on Saturday I discovered this....

She laid a THIRD egg!

She really keeps her eye on us at all times....she was sweet enough 
to even pose for Sam....

It's been really fun watching her, and then she gave us another
surprise on Sunday....

Wow ~ now she has FOUR eggs!!

I can hardly wait to watch the babies hatch & grow.


Sam & I both got lucky taking pictures of the 
baby bunnies....

Look at ALL those baby bunny ears lined up!!!!

Here they are all cuddled up with each other.

I visit with these little guys about three times a day, and I think...
they're starting to recognize my voice.


We have several different Lilac bushes on the farm,
this one really smells pretty...

It produces lots of pale lilac flowers, here are some close ups....

I personally like the deep dark lilac bushes better, but they
are a little slower in blooming, maybe by Friday they 
will start to blossom.

So until the darker ones are ready, I'm very happy to enjoy
these.  Plus, the birds just love resting in these bushes.


Sunday my family and I took a country drive, and
I thought this was a peaceful setting....

Here in Wisconsin, you can enjoy seeing lots of 
dairy cows in the pastures.

The one cow laying down was "mooing" at me while I snapped the
picture.  I love the one that's peeking its head under the 
tree limb!


I have a few pretty tulips that are finally blooming...

The sad thing about tulips is that they don't last very long.


Check out this little toad that lives just outside my 
Studio door in the nearby bushes....

We always have to be extra cautious while on the driveway, because
there are lots of these toads, and they seem to like the gravel.


I'm hoping to make lots of progress this week with publishing my 
patterns, and hope I'll have some good news to share 
on Friday.

I leave you with this last photo...

Many years ago my mom gave me this nice old wagon wheel, and 
I was so happy to discover some ivy growing on it....I love

Until Friday....happy stitching!

~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Thanks for sharing that "feast for the eyes" this morning with us! Beautiful.

  2. I find myself looking forward to your blog Tammy; Can't wait to hear the news at the end of the week. Beautiful pics. Love the toad in particular (and the 4-egg nest).

  3. Robins eggs, bunny ears, a magnificent lilac bush... what more could you ask for in May?! I see you have baby birds beneath, we have baby barnswallow under our porch eaves for the 4th year in a row.

  4. I have not seen lilac bushes like that since I was a little girl & one was growing in our yard. I loved that thing! I have been trying to find the same lilac bush to plant in our yards wherever we've lived but I can never find them.