Tuesday, May 6, 2014

~ My Favorite Needles ~

Good Tuesday morning...hope
you're enjoying the beautiful spring weather
in your neighborhood.

After years of being frustrated with
needles that would just snap in half after using them 
for just a short time, I finally found 
wonderful needles that I just love.

~ John James Petites Size 28 ~

These cross stitch sampler needles by John James of
Worcestershire, England (Est. 1840), are the
 "Finest Quality" needles I've found.

What makes these needles different is the shorter (petite) shaft,
which is so wonderful to hold in your hand while stitching, plus because
there is less needle shaft in the way, you are able to keep
stitching using almost all of your thread (much less waste).
Also, with this shorter needle you'll be able to stitch
much faster!

Use size 28 needles on 32, 35, 36 & 40 count linens &
16 & 18 count aida cloth
~ John James Petites Size 26 ~

Use size 26 needles on 28 & 30 count linens &
14 count aida cloth
~ John James Petites Size 24 ~

Use size 24 on your preference of fabric.

These needles are available for sale, please click onto
the link for my Etsy Shoppe OR you can purchase them directly
from me if you don't have an Etsy account.

Price is $3.35 per package plus $1.25 shipping
(combined shipping is given on more than one package)

~ Please email or call me, if you have any questions ~

~ Iris's are starting to pop up ~

I was happy to hear sounds of the lawn mower
this morning...my son Sam was out cutting
the grass for the first time this spring.
~ It's a lovely day...but very windy ~

Our big "Linen" tree is just starting to get some buds, and in another
month will be completely transformed.  
~ My Irishman trimming Winston's shade tree ~

 I also heard sounds of the chainsaw, and discovered Winston's
favorite shade tree getting a trimming.
This big old tree has weathered a lot of storms, and was
struck my lightening.  It's still alive, even though it's hollow and you
can see through it!!!
~ It still gives a lot of shade in the summer ~

This is Winston's favorite shade tree to lay under....so we just
have to keep trimming it to keep it safe!
~ It's still a great tree ~

~ Even the birds love it ~

So hopefully this big old tree will survive another
year here on the old farm!

I've got lots of work to do, so until tomorrow I'll have
to say goodbye :(


Kindly, Tammy

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