Sunday, May 4, 2014

~ Sneak Peek ~

Good Sunday morning,
the sun is shining bright...oh what a 
glorious day!

I've been stitching about 4 hours every night on
 my upcoming release for
"Spring Meadow"©

Today I have a little sneak peek
to share with you ~

~ I'm using one strand of floss over two linen threads ~

I'll  show you another
sneak peek after I have more of the
Rabbit finished.
~ It's so lovely to be stitching that my eyes are healed ~

~ A friendly squirrel checking things out! ~

For some reason we don't see too many squirrels
up close to the farmhouse & buildings, so
when I see a squirrel...I run to
get my camera!

When I go walking in our near by town of
West Salem, I get to see lots of
beautiful "Black" squirrels.


Angels were the first thing I starting collecting many
years ago.  This one sits in my bedroom & she's
the first thing I see every morning when
I open my eyes.

~ There is such a peacefulness about her ~

~ ....and oh, how I love collecting sheep/lambs ~

Starting today, on the bottom of Sunday's post
I'm going to start leaving you with an inspirational
quote or verse from the Bible for the week.

I'll be calling this weekly Sunday offering:

~ Soul Searching ~

"For the Lord gives wisdom;
from his mouth come knowledge
and understanding."
Proverbs 2:6 (English Standard Version)

Blessing from my heart to YOURS,
~ Kindly Tammy~

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