Sunday, May 11, 2014

~ Goodies from Gold Rush ~

Hello all my dear stitching friends!
Hope you all had a
wonderful weekend!

We ended up going to Gold Rush yesterday,
and didn't get home until late...sorry I 
didn't have time to do a post :(

I'll share the "goodies" I found on 
my sewing safari  yesterday.

~ Sweet doily, velvet pincushion, acorn thread holder & silk apple ~

I'll start with the sweet little doily
it cost only $3.50.
~ Cute size that you don't find often ~

I especially love the sweet ribbons
that are attached to the ends!
~ It's in pretty good condition for its age ~

I have wonderful childhood memories of
my grandma on my (dad's side), crocheting
every spare moment she could find.
~ Gold velvet pincushion with red ribbon ~

Next, this little pincushion came from one of my
favorite dealers.  She always has wonderful old sewing
items from the east coast.  This one came from
Pennsylvania.  Feels like a little bean bag...and I have
plans for repairing the red ribbon.

~ Wonderful wood thread holder ~

Oh boy, did I get excited when my eyes came upon
this awesome treasure!
~ Lovely detailed top finale ~

These early thread holders with ivory accents
are really rare and hard to find.
Very well preserved and
in excellent condition with NO cracks or chips!
~ These were meant to hang from your wrist ~

Originally, this would have had some type of ribbon or cord
attached to the top, so you could wear it on your
wrist while crocheting.
~ I've added a pretty silk ribbon to the top ~

Also, I added a ball of Valdani hand dyed punchneedle
thread to the inside & fed it through the hole.
~ Would make a great punchneedle companion ~

I may use this while working on a special punchneedle
project, what a great way to keep the thread
from falling on the floor...our ancestors
were so clever!

~ Silk Apple pincushion ~

These old silk apples are very collectable, but are hard to
find in decent condition,  they are all very fragile.

These apples were filled with a very dense cotton batting.
I will add this to a small collection of silk apples that
I've been gathering the past few years.
~ Woven Sewing Basket Stand ~

I have a weakness for pretty sewing stands, this one
is in pretty good condition, except the handle is
attached with yarn.
~ Top view ~

This one even has a bunch of old sewing stuff in it, but I 
haven't had a chance to look through the 
contents yet.

~ Peek of the inside ~

Gold Rush is always a fun day for us, my husband & I both
love antiquing, and my son Sam is also a collector.

When Sam was only three days old, we took him with us
to Gold Rush and he's been going ever since....guess
you could say he was born into it!
~ New Rabbit friends for Mother's Day ~

Samuel bought me two wonderful concrete rabbits for
Mother's Day.  They are the ones on the left & right.

There's no doubt, Sam knows what his mom loves!
~ Happy Mother's Day ~

Sorry this post got to you so late in the day....hope you
had a lovely Mother's Day!

~ Sunday Soul Searching ~

This is one of my favorite hymns ~ Verse 1
~ Be Still, My Soul ~

Be still, my soul; the Lord is on thy side; Bear patiently the
cross of grief or pain; Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In every change He faithful will remain.  Be still, my soul; thy
best, thy heavenly, Friend Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

Wow, what words to reflect upon!

Hope you also had a lovely Lord's day,

~ Sunday Blessings ~
Kindly, Tammy


  1. I'm so jealous of the acorn....what a treasure!!!!

  2. Wonderful treasures Tammy!!! My heart goes pitter patter when I see old sewing anything so can just imagine how you felt when you came across these gems!! LOVE the sewing basket stand too and all those goodies inside!!!!
    So happy you had a lovely Mother's Day!!
    Warm Hugs~