Wednesday, May 7, 2014

~ Scattered Seed Samplers New Beginning ~

Good afternoon my 
stitching friends.

Today is a bittersweet day for was 
7 years ago today that I opened my
retail needlework shoppe called

"Salem Stitchery"

I consider it a blessing & a huge
stepping stone to the next chapter in my life with

"Scattered Seed Samplers"

~ Salem Stitchery May 7, 2007 ~ May 7, 2014 ~

Today I celebrated the beginning of my new adventure with
"Scattered Seed Samplers"
 by treating myself to a massage...what a relaxing
morning I had.

I'm working on my new logo emblem for Scattered Seed Samplers,
which will be used on my two upcoming releases :)
Plus, I need to get new business cards printed with the new
business name.

So much to do...and not nearly enough hours in a day!

~ Folkart Angel Magnetic Needle Minder ~

Offering more of my favorite stitching companions that are for sale in my
Etsy Shoppe.

Just put these wonderful needle minders on your fabric,
chart or a table & rest your needle on it while it
keeps your needle safe & secure when
not in use.
~ Heart & Hand ~

The back side of these magnetic needle minders
has two strong magnets that slide apart allowing you to
insert either your fabric or more
putting the needle between your teeth. (ha~ha)
~ Autumn Acorns ~

These are available for $9.50 each, plus $2.25 Shipping
~ Son Samuel clearing brush around pond ~

I'm so happy that Sam is taking time to clear brush away from our
pond area.  I'm looking forward to walking to this
spot to stitch, sketch, read or just relax:)

~ Fence post with old porcelain insulators ~

I'm amazed at how farmers uses these old porcelain insulators!

I'm planning to give you a tour of my
Studio here at Scattered Seed Samplers....soon!

 First I need to windex the windows after all the rain we've had, so hopefully
if tomorrow is nice out I'll be able to get this accomplished.

Goodbye Salem Stitchery :(
Hello Scattered Seed Samplers :)

Hoping you will enjoy following me on this new journey.
Thank you for stopping by today...see you tomorrow!

Your stitching friend,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. I'm sure your new logo will ne every bit as classy as your old (love it). Life .... it keeps a changin'. Only God remains the same. :-)

  2. I love the name of your business " Scattered Seed Samplers" The logo is lovely, actually, but I am sure your new one will be just as fitting. Now, I must have a few of these wonderful Needle Keepers! Off I go!

  3. Congratulations on your new endeavor Tammy!! I look forward to following Scattered Seed Samplers...wishing you all the best!