Monday, May 12, 2014

~ Studio Tour ~

Hello friends, sorry this post is so late in 
the day getting to you, but I've had
lots of lighting problems with 
the photos. 

I had to do so many retakes, but I 
finally got some that should
look okay.

Welcome to my Studio @
~ Scattered Seed Samplers ~

~ Front Display Window ~

There are birds nesting above my door,
but they don't seem to be bothered by me coming & going!
~ Studio Door ~

I'm still trying to get things organized after the transition from
retail shoppe to was pretty overwhelming at
first, but things are finally coming together!

~ Overall view when you walk in the door ~

The big display cabinet is from Chicago ~ I've decided to use it
for some of my sewing collections.
~ Added my Great Grandma's Doll ~

The two black crows my husband carved for me...I especially love
the one by the window, it has a little hand carved pipe in its

The ledges above the windows work great for displaying my antique
wooden sewing clamps.
~ Checkout counter, cutting table & guest chairs by front window ~

My favorite oak mission desk & chair.  Old file cabinets fit
perfectly under the cutting table.
~ I love my cutting table with old yard stick for measuring ~

Little white milk glass rabbit candy dish was a gift from Sam.
It was hard to decide which samplers to leave hanging
which ones to put in storage.
~ Close up of a lovely wood sewing box with pincushion on top ~

I really admire things with the "Heart in Hand", the big
one is carved from wood.
~ Iron sewing hand, chalkare rabbit, heart in hand ~

I've been collection these wonderful sewing clamps for
many years, and now I finally....have a
great place to display them.
~ Old sewing clamp collection ~

It's really nice to finally have all my reference
books a chair & table.

My dear friend Olga stitched the lovely pillow sitting in the chair.
~ Reference book, library table & roll top desk ~

It's great to have a stitching chair that is by a nice
sunny window.
~ My mom's old rocking chair ~

The antique aladdin s lamp on top of the green cabinet
 was also my mom's.....she left me with so many
 wonderful family heirlooms.
~ More reference books & samplers ~

The little orange & blue turtle is another one of my
husband's wood probably can't
see it, but it says "Salem Stitchery" on it!
~ Small samplers ~

This is the computer I use to do my designing, manage my Ebay & Etsy Shops.
~ Computer desk ~

The tall cabinet against the wall is my supply cabinet
where I keep all kinds of sewing goodies.
~ You are now entering my hidden work area ~

I didn't want my work area visible from the front
I created this little private work area. 
~ Sewing work table ~

I have everything I need at my fingertips...threads, sewing machine,
sawdust, misc. fillers, stuffing, wools, fabrics, lace & trims and
much, much more!
~ It's located right in the center ~

The photo on the right is my grandma when she was young, and the
dark chocolate brown rabbit was her rabbit from when she
was living in a nursing home...she passed away at age 95.
~ My favorite rabbit samplers ~

I'm very passionate about collecting rabbit pincushions!
~ Close up of antique rabbit pincushions ~
~ Sawdust packed pincushion samplers ~
~ more rabbit friends ~

I'm still trying to get this area better organized, but for now
all the different threads are easy to access...with a
center work table.

~ Thread nook ~
~ antique spool cabinets full of silk threads ~
~ this side is the cotton threads ~

Last year I was doing my shipping in the basement of the farmhouse...this is
so wonderful to have ALL my endeavors under one roof.

This is so much nicer than the basement!  I've got a great shipping table
 printer, postal scale, envelopes, boxes etc.
~ Shipping area for Ebay & Etsy ~

Hope you enjoyed my studio tour...I absolutely love spending my time
in here!  I love moving things around and keeping myself
somewhat organized.

I've also got great news for please check
back for another sneak peek of "Spring Meadow".

Until tomorrow, have a lovely evening stitching : )

~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Oh my goodness. I've said it before but it bears repeating .... heaven on earth!! I do believe I'd have to find a place for my bed. I NEVER would want to leave. I'll be coming back many times to this post ..... just to dream.

  2. Tammy! Your studio is AMAZING!!!!! I love love it :) everything is so organized and put-together ~ all of your antiques and collections work perfectly together :)
    I would love to come for a visit! will you be teaching any classes? holding any open houses? studio hops??? hint hint!!
    would LOVE visit you there ~ Thanks for making my morning even brighter my sweet friend!

  3. Wow, that is the muost stunning studio I have ever wonder you are able to create such lovely designs Tammy!! You know, the Prim Stitchers Society FB group has been discussing the possibility of prim retreat LOL! It really is a beautiful space :-)

  4. I have never seen so many of the charts that I want to stitch all finished up and displayed in one place!!!! How glorious your studio is!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  5. Oh, my. The place of my dreams truly does exist! Absolutely gorgeous and amazing! Thanks for the link, Lori. And thank YOU Tammy for sharing!

  6. What a treasure house full this is...a site to behold! I absolutely love it and would like to visit for sure. You own some beautiful antiques that make me smile. All looks great how you have it organized and set up. I know it is your little spot of heaven! Enjoy and thanks for sharing. P

  7. Simply fabulous! I so enjoyed seeing your wonderful studio and plan on coming back many times to dream! I would love to come visit one day! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. What a beautiful studio............I have saved you in my favorites....I will be back often.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful place. I could live there! Found you through the Prim Stitchers Society. I will be back.

  10. I am absolutely enthralled, this is even better than before. I vote you BEST studio of the year. You have wonderful things, you must have been collecting for years and years.

  11. Beautiful studio! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Tammy,
    Only one word comes to mind........WOW!!!!! I am almost speechless looking at all of your wonderful, WONDERFUL collections!!!! LOVE the case with all the sewing things!!! LOVE all the pincushions you have everywhere!!! LOVE those clamps!!! SWOON!!!!!
    Can I come and live there?? It is REALLY WONDERFUL!!! You have it so beautifully arranged and organized......what everyone who creates only DREAMS ABOUT!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! I know I will have to come back again and again to see what I have missed!!!! No wonder you love spending time there!!! I probably would add a fridge, stove, microwave and a bed and just stay there!!! lol
    Truly Beautiful and Inspirational!!! Happy, happy creating!!!!
    Warm Hugs~