Thursday, May 29, 2014

~ Hot Off The Press ~

Oh what a glorious day this is for me ~
the moment has arrived that I've been working so hard to achieve ~

 "Spring Meadow" pattern released....


Perhaps if you put your ear close enough to the computer screen
you may hear me shouting for I can hardly believe
I FINALLY have "Spring Meadow" 
published & available!!!!!

 Front cover page of "Spring Meadow" ©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers.

I picked the copies up from the print shop late Thursday
and I'm in seventh heaven sitting in my Studio 
at my round work table folding & assembling 
my first release :)

~ Back cover page ~

After many late nights of working together with Sam,
the cover page finally came to life!

~ Little rabbit friends inspecting the finished product ~

I felt it was necessary to release Spring Meadow first, 
because it's the season we're in right now.

Prince of Peace will be published sometime next week...not sure
exactly what day.

Spring Meadow is now available in my Etsy Shoppe or 
may be purchased directly from me if you don't
like purchasing online....just send me an


My Chive plants are in full bloom, they are located between the farmhouse
and Studio....bees are happily buzzing about every time I 
walk past them.


I just love this time of year when the pine trees have 
their bright green tips of new growth....check out 
the wonderful pine cones.

I've been taking lots of great fun photos 
using my takes the
best close ups of any of my


In the summer I love walking in our little town of
West Salem after dropping my packages
at the post office.  

On my walking route I pass this house that has lovely flower beds
surrounded by these awesome creations.

These garden critters are handmade out of old
recycled farm machinery parts, plus some odds & ends.

I wish my flower garden was as well taken care of as this one is!

I've been so busy that the weeds are going crazy....I'll have
to take some time to get caught up on my gardening!


Hope you have a lovely weekend enjoying some of the 
wonderful things life has to offer.

Until Monday my friends, I wish you many relaxing
hours spent .....STITCHING.

 Kindly, Tammy 


  1. The cover page is beautiful ... so classy. Looks like I'll have a rabbit to go along with the lamb.

  2. Best of luck Tammy! I think you have a winner here!!! I've been designing almost 4 years (The Nebby Needle) and it's such a FUN job!!!! Did my first needlework market this year and it was AWESOME!!!! ~*

  3. Congratulations Tammy! I know how it feels when you see all your hard work in print, and looking perfect. This looks like a charming pattern. I love your logo, your colors and the style in which you did the pattern cover page. I see wonderful things ahead for your pattern company and venture!

  4. A fun post & a lovely design! Congratulations!