Wednesday, May 14, 2014

~ Fresh Farmhouse Finds ~

Hello everyone...hope you're enjoying a 
beautiful day ~♥~

Today I've got some farmhouse fresh 
ideas to share with you.

A few weeks ago I was out rummaging through 
our barn when I came upon a really pretty
antique ebony black door nob...sadly it
had lots of old paint on it.

I right away had an idea for it, so with a little
elbow's now back to gorgeous!!

It makes a perfect scissor stand for these new "Daisy Scissors" 
I just got in....check it out ~ what do you think?

~ Exclusively from Scattered Seed Samplers ~

I only have this one door nob available, and it will be for sale
in my Etsy shoppe hopefully tomorrow.

Not all door nobs will work ~ this one sits nice and flat on a surface.
Plus the inner chamber must be free of any metal obstruction ~
so the scissors slide in & out freely.

~ I absolutely love these pretty Daisy Scissors ~

~  "Fresh Farmfield Find" ~

This special porcelain fence insulator is not nearly as common 
as the smaller ones I have available ~ I will also be 
listing this set tomorrow in my Etsy Shoppe.

I love the old rusty iron bracket that is still 
attached to the insulator.

The bottom is nicely stamped....from Chicago, USA.

Here are some more new scissor styles I just got in yesterday.  
This pair is a primitive "Swordfish" with sharp fish blades!

Silver Swordish Scissors.

Checkout these "Primitive Cat Snips". 
The one handle hole is a Cat's tail...too cute!

This is how they look when opened.

Today I would like to also share with you two of my favorite 
collector books ~ for collecting  antique sewing items.

This is volume 1 ~ by Helen Lester Thompson.
What I love about these two books is that 
thy are affordable....I paid $24.95 per
book years ago, but I've seen them
on Ebay go for about $9.95.

These two books are absolutely wonderful...on rainy days
I love to just sit and look through them.  They are 
full of awesome color definitely 
would not be disappointed in buying them.

Tomorrow I will share some other wonderful
reference books on sewing collectibles.

Last, I would like to share a close up photo of the pillow I 
mentioned in the Studio Tour....perhaps you 
admire this design as much as I do, and would like to 
stitch one up for yourself.

My friend Olga is such a sweetheart ~ she is SO thoughtful & kind,
and sends me such lovely gifts...most of them handmade by her!

This was a birthday present she stitched for me back in 2010.

The saying is fabulous, and if I remember correctly this was a 
free complimentary chart by Paulette Steward of Plum Street Samplers. 
Check the archives on her blog.  

Today I will leave you with this lovely old photo of cattle...enjoy.

I'm so excited while typing this blog, because by accident I FINALLY figured 
out....what I couldn't SEEM to figure out  ~ and that is; the spacing break
between the photo, which is now allowing me to have a 
bigger letter size making everything easier to read.

For the last three weeks, its been making me so frustrated because I 
just couldn't figure out what I was doing's all in how 
you click onto these computer keys!!!!

See you all tomorrow 
~ Country Blessings ~

Kindly, Tammy


  1. Oh I just love all the scissors and the "holders"!!!

  2. The scissors ideas are very charming and the book on antique sewing implements is right up my alley. I received the needle magnets via etsy, thank you for your swiftness, they are lovely.

  3. Hmmm ... love that door knob. And from yesterday's post ... so glad you caught the blogging bug. :-)

  4. The door knob is my favorite : )

  5. Love the flower scissors and especially the cat snips!